At 4U Clinic we strive to provide affordable, personalized high-quality care. Whether you need preventative or immediate care, we are here to serve your family’s needs.

We work with you and your family to serve your health care needs at all stages of life. Our team believes in offering comprehensive health care to our patients in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in educating our patients because we want to work with them to achieve the best overall health. All of our providers are Board Certified with many years of experience and are dedicated to the needs of our patients.

We have a full-service medical spa, performing the best in non-surgical facial aesthetics. Our aesthetics includes injectables such as Botox®, dermal fillers (Juvederm®), medical-grade chemical facial peels, NovaThreads (lip enhancement, smile line reduction, and builds collagen), Dermabrasion and Photo-Light therapy as well as permanent make-up. We will even have a Laser trained Aesthetician on site for many other cosmetic procedures.

There are clinics that offer “special pricing” on Botox® and then use overly diluted (weakened) products and you would never know you received substandard treatment. We provide only the highest quality products, always at full strength, and only from the American manufacturer.

We additionally provide a full-service medical weight loss program with your choice of 3 affordable packages and al la carte items too. This includes the cutting edge prescribing of  “peptides” have superior results. We will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Men, feeling tired, a little low on libido, we treat low testosterone which helps bring back the vitality which is diminished as you grow older. For men and women, if sex-drive is an issue, or ED is a problem, Dr. Sasin does pellet hormone replacement that is the superior treatment, and lasts up to 5 months. If that alone does not resolve the problem, the cutting edge “peptides” are available. Essentially, comprehensive treatment plans, customized to your needs.

With our Intravenous Med Drips, you will receive the newest rage in medicine bringing a wide variety of outstanding effects which provide different benefits depending upon the specially formulated IV nutrient drip selected. Any thing from simple dehydration, acute illnesses, immune support, antioxidants, hangover, chronic illness or inflammation or supplementing vitamins and minerals…IV Med Drips are not only appropriate for all, but often a strategic complement for many persons. At some point, you’ll probably need one, and we will have it for you.

We offer aggressive pricing in a relaxed and convenient setting in a newly remodeled office, friendly staff, and accept walk-in patients, however appointment patients are attended to to our best effort to honor everyone’s time.